• Live Copepods & Amphipods Quick view

    Amphipods & Copepods - 1000

          What are Copepods?   1. Copepods comprise 80% of the animal mass in water columns around the world. In marine environments, copepods have ~150 unique species. A copepod is a major part of the diet of many fish,...

  • Anemone Crab (Neopetrolisthes ohshimai) Quick view

    Anemone Crab (Neopetrolisthes ohshimai)

    The Saltwater Porcelain Anemone Crab is a docile and reef safe addition to any invertebrate or reef aquarium. They like to get into pairs under the shelter of an anemone and will try to fend off other creatures invading their space. Eats microorganisms...

  • Tectus tecta Quick view

    Astrea Snail (Turbo fluctuosa)

    Astrea Snail (Turbo fluctuosa) The Astria Snail is a very good algea eater for the aquarium. These snails will keep the tank very clean and algea free. They cannot right themselves so placement is critical when they arrive. Very easy to care for and a...

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    Black Rock Urchin

    The Black Rock Urchin is an excellent algae eater that will roam the aquarium and eat algae from a variety of surfaces.  Whether it is eating algae on the rock surface or on the glass you can see the suctorial podia in clear view...

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  • Blue Leg Crab Quick view

    Blue Leg Hermit Crab

    The Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Clibanarius tricolor) is a nice addition to any saltwater reef tank because it is extremely good detritus eater and will aid in the removal of excess food, waste and algae from your home aquarium.  It has been noted by...

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    Cerith Snail (Cerithiidae sp.)

    Cerith Snail (Cerithiidae sp.) This all around fantastic saltwater snail is a favorite among aquarists. Cerith snails eat detritus, fish waste, algae, and uneaten food. Cerith snails will scale the rock work, burrow in the sand bed and make themselves...

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  • Emerald Crab Quick view

    Emerald Crab

    Emerald Crab Mithrax sculptus COMMON NAME: Emerald Crab SCIENTIFIC NAME: Mithrax sculptus SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1/2 inch MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 1 per 25 gallons ARE LEVEL: Moderately easy REEF SAFE: Considered safe, may be...

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    Feather Duster (Sabellastarte sp.)

    The Feather Duster is a wonderful & fun filled addition to the reef aquarium. As the crown (radiole) which can range in a variety of colors unfurls both to feed and breathe, it appears to almost dance in the current gracefully and rhythmically. We...

  • Lettuce Nudibranch Quick view

    Lettuce Nudibranch

    Lettuce Nudibranch ==Tridachia crispata== The Lettuce Nudibranch is an excellent eliminator of Hair Algae. However, it should be noted that Hair algae is all that it eats. It is also known as Lettuce Sea Slug. It is given its name because it resembles...

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    Margarita Snail (Margarites pupillus)

    Margarita Snail (Margarites pupillus)   The Margarita Snail does well in the home aquarium, provided there is sufficient algae to eat. The Margarita is a great snail for several reasons in that it eats massive amounts of algae and if it falls over,...

  • Mini Yellow Cucumber Quick view

    Mini Yellow Cucumber

    The Mini Yellow Cucumber requires live rock to provide the nutrients it needs to sustain its health. Owners and potential buyers should realize that it has the potential to poison an aquarium. The chances of this happening are very rare unless it is...