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    Oteasa Simon

    I have ordered many times and always received corals that exceeded my expectations! Fast shipping and excellent customer service!

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    Ken B

    I've bought several things from Everything has arrived alive and in a timely manner. I'm very satisfied.

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    Jorin R

    I have ordered many corals from Zoas, Mushrooms, Torches, Birdsnest, Acropora, Tree Sponge, Gorgonian, and more, and, have always been pleased with what delivers and their customer service is great as well.

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    Rick S

    I love to get my macroalgae and inverts from Aquarium Depot. Also a great place for frags. I have been using them for a year now. I have successfully grown and transplanted my frags from them.

  • testimonial
    Shauna M

    Almost everything I've gotten from you guys comes bigger than expected and much more affordable than other places I've shopped online and in person. Your sales have helped me dip my toes in even on a fixed income, keep up the good work!

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    Jon B
  has excellent critters and corals to turn your aquarium into a beautiful reef or fowlr system that you will love and enjoy. My personal favorite is their copepods

  • testimonial
    Chris S

    Many corals I got from Aquarium Depot are growing so well in the tank like the photos. Some of them are getting too big so I’ve started to frag them and give them away.

  • testimonial
    Daniel D

    It was an awesome experience both times I've ordered I definitely would recommend you guys to anyone. Great service and everything was amazing.

  • testimonial
    Victoria Y

    This is my 3rd time ordering Amphipods/Copepods from Aquarium Depot. They always arrive alive & healthy plus there's ALOT! I definitely recommend getting your pods from here!

  • testimonial
    Jason B

    I absolutely love doing business with Aquarium Depot! Every shipment arrives on time and well packaged, most importantly everything is alive!

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AquariumDepot is a web only ecommerce site that focuses on the sustainability of corals and inverts. As a certified aquaculture facility, our biggest goal is to stop the decline of reefs worldwide by doing our part through aquaculture and reef rehabilitation.
What is your background and why do you love saltwater so much?
Christina Duncan is a Florida native, growing up in coastal Florida; witnessing the decline of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Furthermore, experiencing the firsthand devastation of red tide which is now an annual occurrence lasting almost the entire year, year after year. These changes have occurred in the past 20-30 years and have been exacerbated by events like the BP oil spill.
When were you founded? became the site known and loved by many in January 2014, however Christina has been involved with the ecommerce world of saltwater products since 2003.
Where can I find what others are saying about AquariumDepot in the form of videos or written reviews?
Where is the best place to find out more about and get info on how to care for saltwater animals?
AquariumDepot has a strong presence on social media. Click here for our AquariumDepot Youtube page, here for the AquariumDepot FaceBook page and here for the AquariumDepot Instagram page.