Turbo Snail - (Turbo fluctuosa)

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The Turbo snail is an excellent choice as a part of your clean up crew - as it will aggressively consume large amounts of nuisance algae. Turbo snails love to hang on the glass and rocks eating many types of algae. They are native to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. One major concern with turbo snails is their inability to right themselves if turned over, therefore please do not keep them in an environment with aggressive tank mates who may intentionally flip them over. Since the turbo snail is a algae eating snail, sufficient algae must be present to properly maintain the animal. Ordering this snail in smaller quantities is advised as supplemental feeding them can prove difficult. Turbo snails can be sensitive to quick changes in salinity and pH, therefore a slow drip acclimation is suggested.
  • COMMON NAME:  Turbo Snail
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Turbo fluctuosa
  • SIZE AVAILABLE:  ~3/4 inch
  • MINIMUM TANK SIZE:  20 gallons
  • FOOD/DIET:  Herbivore
  • CARE LEVEL:  Moderately easy
  • EEF SAFE: Yes
  • AVAILABILITY:  Most always available - 99%  
*The turbo snail is a peaceful algae grazer that should be kept with peaceful tank mates with plenty of hiding spaces.

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