Saltwater Macro Algae Mangrove Shoot (Rhizophora mangle) & Excellent for Nutrient Control in an Aquarium

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MSRP: $19.34
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Mangrove Shoot (Rhizophora mangle)
Mangroves can be planted in the sand, or in between rocks in any open topped aquarium. The roots will quickly take hold in either a sand substrate or in a live rock. Mangroves absorb nutrients from the water in order to grow. Any nutrients that are absorbed but unneeded, will be expelled through the leaves. It is important to note that when the leaves fall off the plant, they should be cleaned up immediately.
  • COMMON NAME:  Mangrove Shoot
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Rhizophora mangle
  • SIZE AVAILABLE:  ~6 inches
  • MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 20 gallons
  • FOOD/DIET: Nitrates
  • CARE LEVEL:  Moderate
  • REEF SAFE:  Yes
  • AVAILABILITY:  Most always available - 99% 

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