Red Saltwater Macro Algae Tree Gracilaria (Gracilaria sp) Excellent for Nutrient Control in an Aquarium

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This algae is thicker and stockier than our regular gracilaria. It does not seem attract tangs like other algaes such as ogo or the finer variation of gracilaria. The Red Tree Gracilaria makes an attractive option for seahorses since it is sturdy enough for them to hold onto while grazing! When given proper placement, lighting and water conditions, it will grow and naturally remove nitrates resulting in less yucky algae, such as slime algae or hair algae.
COMMON NAME: Red Tree Gracilaria
SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Gracilaria sp.
SIZE AVAILABLE:  small tree structure
MINIMUM TANK SIZE:  20 gallons
FOOD/DIET:  Nitrates
CARE LEVEL:  Moderate
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 75% 

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