Green Saltwater Macro Algae Halimedia (Halimeda sp.)

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The Halimeda plant is found within warm tropical waters around the world. The beautiful green calcerous macro algae is also a nice decorative plant for the saltwater aquarium. Halimeda is also known as the money plant because the plants look like small coins glued together end to end, forming a chain. Because this is a form of calcerous algae, it requires a significant level of calcium to be maintained in the water as it continuously deposits calcium carbonate into its tissue. Halimeda is a hardy algae plant however it is not one that many fish will enjoy nibbling on and for that reason will maintain its appearance nicely in the tank provided its needs for calcium and light are maintained.
COMMON NAME:  Halimedia
SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Halimeda sp.
MINIMUM TANK SIZE:  20 gallons
FOOD/DIET:  Nitrates
CARE LEVEL:  Moderate
AVAILABILITY:  Most always available - 99%
 *One Halimedia Plant
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