Acan Coral

Acan Corals compromise a group of corals from the genus Acanthastrea.  Acan Corals are part of the Parge Polyp Stony Corals.  Typically when you here Acan Corals, you may think of Lord Acans also called Acan Lords (short for Acanthastrea lordhowensis).  Acan Corals in general are large flat corals with polyps that are approx .5-1.5" in diameter.  Acan Coral care:  Very easy to to care for and grow well in captivity.  The species of Acanthastrea which we typically see in the aquarium trade is Acanthastrea bowerbanki, A. echinata, and Acanthastrea lordhowensis.  Less commonly seen is the Acanthastrea hillae.