Create a Zoa Garden


3 EZ Steps to Build Your Zoa Garden:

1. Gather Your Supplies (links provided below) - You will need the following items:

  • Colorful Soft Corals like - Zoanthids, Palys, Mushrooms, Star Polyps.....
  • Cutters to remove zoanthid from plug or cut off stem of plug
  • Super Glue Gel or a coral glue
  • Well Structured Piece of Rock
  • Protective Eye Covering

2. Prepare the Corals for placement on rock - remove coral from plug or cut off stem of plug for EZ glueing.

3. Place coral on rock and glue the bottom of it to the rock - soak in tank water for approx 30 seconds in between each glue application.

Place new rock in your tank and give Corals approx 2-4 hours to recover from the process.

WahLah - Your new Zoa Garden is complete.

Now just wait patiently for growth.

Colorful Soft Corals-

Cutters to remove stems from plugs -

Super Glue GEL -

Polyp Lab Glue -

Well Structured Live Rock Piece -

Protective Eye Covering -