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If you are looking to buy zoanthid frags online, AquariumDepot.com offers the largest collection of Ultra Zoanthids. Our colorful zoanthids for sale are not only rare zoas but also priced right to earn the title cheap frags.

Often called zoas, zoos or zoo polyps, Zoanthids are small soft corals which grow in sheets across rocks in the Saltwater Aquarium.  Highly varied in color and pattern, zoas are highly sought after in the Reef Tank of many aquarists.  Rare Zoanthids are often quite expensive and in high demand.  The collector of these soft corals is typically smitten with the many variations these pretties posses.  According to most hobbyists, Zoanthid Corals are the easiest of all corals to care for and grow.

Zoanthid Care is typically easy, with most zoas being tolerant of a large range of lighting and flow.  Deep water zoas can be slightly more sensitive to bright light, however with patience, these saltwater animals can adapt to many aquarium setups.  With deep water zoanthids, it is important to place them low in the tank, sheltered from the light, or with shorter photoperiods, gradually moving up in the tank , or increasing photoperiod, over the course of a several weeks. 

Phytoplankton, Zoplankton or Reef Roids make excellent food options for feeding zoanthids.  Feel free to download the coral food quick guide. 


Have requests for us?  Send us an email with the subject line Coral Frags for Sale and let us know what you are looking for! 


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