Variegated Green Grande Palythoa (Palythoa grandis) - 1 Polyp

Variegated Green Grande Palythoa (Palythoa grandis) - 1 Polyp

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Variegated Green Palythoa grandis is an amazing Paly to add to your collection because of its size as well as its coloration.  In the aquarium hobby it can be called the Giant Green Zoanthid, Green Sun Palythoa, or Green Polyp.


With the polyps ranging in size to 1.5 inches, the coverage is amazing with only a few polyps and they grow at a moderate pace.  

These palythoa are found at an average depth of 75-80 feet by our divers, therefore they are not heavily dependent on strong lighting but more dependent on meaty foods (such as a live copepod or two) and target feeding.  

As with any palythoa, these palys have the ability to secrete a toxin referred to as palytoxin.  When handling any palythoa frags, take precaution to use gloves and protect your eyes.