Ultimate Starter Refugium Pack - Excellent for Nutrient Control in an Aquarium

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The Starter Refugium Pack contains the following: 1000 PODS + Chaetomorpha Algae, also known as Spaghetti Algae, is an excellent macro algae for refugiums. Each cell grows end to end, creating long, stiff strands. It grows in filamentous clumps, resembling a ball of fishing line. Pods - Amphipods & Copepods are great for cleaning plus fish & corals love to eat them.
Grow your pods, Grow food for your fish & corals, reduce nitrates, as well as Refugium Rock and Phytoplankton.  

 Pods- 1000

Chaeto - Starter Portion - size of a dime shipped with pods.


Please note - Chaeto is VERY SMALL and shipped within the bag of pods.



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