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The Purple Green Lord Acan (Acanthastrea lordhowensis) is a perfect combo of Purple & Green. The Septa of the Corallites are a striped variation of purple tones with a neon green mouth.

Acanthastrea were discovered on shallow water but usually in silty locations where light is not as intense as well as passing through as a result of the sediment in the water. They normally a bigger corallite structure varying approx 10mm in size with small lobes surrounding the septa.

Acanthastrea sp. are aggressive feeders after the lights head out and sweeper arms can get to over an inch out from the physical body of the reefs in effort to capture food. Positioning of corals within the fish tank anticipating this organic aggressive actions will certainly conserve nests from reefs wars for space and meals.

They are easy to frag as their well specified corallites are roadway maps for cutting. They could put up with numerous extremes in lights however for best coloration we have actually located that less extreme light functions most ideal (HO T5 lights) as contrasted to Metal Halides.
The Acanthastrea genus is a large family of corals reefs with many variants and color designs. The Acanthastrea lordhowensis & Acanthastrea echinata are the most usual Acans in the aquarium hobby.

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