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    Amphipods & Copepods - 1000

          What are Copepods?   1. Copepods comprise 80% of the animal mass in water columns around the world. In marine environments, copepods have ~150 unique species. A copepod is a major part of the diet of many fish,...

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    Black Rock Urchin

    The Black Rock Urchin is an excellent algae eater that will roam the aquarium and eat algae from a variety of surfaces.  Whether it is eating algae on the rock surface or on the glass you can see the suctorial podia in clear view...

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    Lettuce Nudibranch

    Lettuce Nudibranch ==Tridachia crispata== The Lettuce Nudibranch is an excellent eliminator of Hair Algae. However, it should be noted that Hair algae is all that it eats. It is also known as Lettuce Sea Slug. It is given its name because it resembles...

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    Mini Yellow Cucumber

    The Mini Yellow Cucumber requires live rock to provide the nutrients it needs to sustain its health. Owners and potential buyers should realize that it has the potential to poison an aquarium. The chances of this happening are very rare unless it is...

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    Pink Pin Cushion Urchin

    Pink Pin Cushion Urchin (Lytechinus variegatus)     COMMON NAME:  Pink Pin Cushion Urchin SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Lytechinus variegatus SIZE AVAILABLE: ~1 inch MINIMUM TANK SIZE: 30 gallons FOOD/DIET:  Herbivore CARE LEVEL:...