Green Candy Cane (Caulastrea curvata)-2head

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The Candy Cane Coral come in numerous brilliant colors, the most popular ones by far are red and green, but note that the red variety is hard to come by.

This large polyp stony (LPS) coral, is also referred to as the Trumpet, Torch, or Bullseye Coral. They are an ease to grow, attractive and unique. The skeleton of this genus branches out of a central base, and comes to an end with a large loopy head that resembles colorful trumpet. A large fleshy polyp covers the head of each colony; these polyps are a rich florescent green color, which, with apply proper lighting accentuates any aquatic area. The Candy Cane Coral has an innate able to expand its fleshy polyps to many times its own frame size, which gives this coral a similar appearance to its distinct cousin the Brain Coral.

These corals are both photosynthetic and carnivorous, and have developed some very advanced and fascinating carnivorous feeding strategies. They have evolved into having a symbiotic relationship with various species of marine algae and receive a great deal of their nutrient from these marine algae. In addition to the nutrition that they retrieve from marine algae, the Candy Cane Coral also seizes planktonic organisms, food particles and absorbs dissolved organic matter.

The Candy Cane Coral are very sensitive to light, and one will notice that when the lighting have been dimmed or turned off totally, these corals will extend feeding tentacles and will delight in consuming various tasty morsels such as shrimp. Observing this side of nature will entertain and fascinate.

It is also important to note that the Candy Cane Coral sweeping tentacles have a reach of up to 4 inches, and should be spaced out appropriately. Spacing the Candy Cane Coral correctly will eliminate the threat that the sweeping tentacles pose to other corals located within your tank.

Aside for this coral’s unique appearance and fascinating feeding method, these treasures of the aquatic depth are also very affordable, known for being hardy and adaptable to various conditions, and tolerant to slightly off water quality. Generally speaking, the Candy Cane Coral is an ideal LPS coral for both the beginner, as well as for the seasoned reef enthusiast.


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