Cocos Pink Zoanthids (Zoanthus sp.) 3 Polyp

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The Cocos Pink Zoanthids Coral is an exquisite dichotomy of light colors, the most prevalent of which is the stunning bright pink that surrounds the eye.

The Zoanthids Coral are a genus that drop within the cnidarians family, and are consistently referred to as Zoas, Zoos or Polyps. Their commonness, along with the abundant variety of shades and designs make them one of the most typically sought after corals in the aquarium hobby today.

An additional big allure of these corals is that they are exceptionally durable, which aids them to stand up to also the harshest conditions.

If you are interested in creating your very own reef garden, please check out our blog post on creating your reef garden as well as our video on the reef garden.

We recommend phyto and/ or reefroids for feeding these amazing animals.  We have an in-depth blog post about feeding corals that you can read.  While we recommend medium flow and medium light, these palys are very hardy and will handle most any condition.  These make great starter corals however they are aggressive growers and will takeover your saltwater aquarium if not managed.


How to take care

Non-fussy corals that are robust and can thrive in a wide spectrum of light sources

These corals require steady water movement which can be turbulent or low-grade non linear currents

Photosynthetic corals best suited for tanks with plenty of shade from direct light

Corals with many tentacles that requires a phytoplankton or food blend as food source

Click here for detailed water parameters

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