Bubble Coral - White

Bubble Coral - White (Plerogyra sinuosa)

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The Bubble Coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) is a breathtakingly beautiful large polyps stony (LPS) coral that has either a green or a white-ridged hard skeleton, which can only be seen when its polyps are condensed. When the polyps are inflated, they will cover the entire skeleton, and are green, white or yellowish in color.

This LPS is both carnivorous and photosynthetic, and does require both direct feeding and proper lighting. Feeding this coral petite morsels of food, such as mysis 3-4 times per week will enhance its color and increase its growth potential.

This coral has grape-sized bubbles which increase their surface area according to the amount of light provided, hence its colorful name the Bubble Coral. These organisms tend to be larger during the day and smaller during the night, when innately their tentacles reach out to capture prey. This species requires low light and a gentle water flow. Common names for Plerogyra sinuosa include “bubble coral’, "grape coral", "bladder coral", "pearl coral" and "branching bubble coral".

The Bubble Coral is originating from the reefs found throughout the Indian Ocean and throughout the Pacific Rim, but are the most abundant in the South China Sea and Gulf of Siam. It has a green or white-ridged hard skeleton that is visible when its polyps are deflated. Once its polyps are inflated, the large ample polyps will cover the entire skeleton, and are white, green or yellowish in color. Like most LPS corals, they posses sweeper tentacles that can harm other corals within reach. This is why proper spacing is essential.

Bubble Coral colonies vast valleys and are more or less connected by a glowing searing coenosteum. This coral’s polyps extended only at night, and during the day the polyps extend clusters of grey vesicles the size and shape of large grapes. These polyps retract slowly when disturbed. The whole process provides an elaborate display of nature.

In the wild, the Bubble Coral presents is restricted to protected caves and/or crevices, in which they grow on vertically or under overhanging surfaces. But the largest of the colonies are found on flat substrates in partly murky water.