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Our Saltwater Clean Up Crew Free Shipping Information:

Forget laborious human cleaning, the most efficient (and the cheapest) way to maintain a clean aquarium is to employ a clean up crew with free shipping.

That's right, is happy to offer packages of Aquarium-Cleaning Invertebrates that will save you time, money, and human effort. How do these wonderful critters naturally keep a clean aquarium? They bring your mini-ecosystem full circle by feeding on the build-up of waste, algae, and nitrates that cause algae.

Aquarium Cleaning Invertebrates: Inverts that Clean Your Tank!


  • Crabs are crucial for maintaining a clean aquarium!
  • You can reduce algae and waste by just keeping the number of crabs in your tank at the optimal level.
  • Experts recommend maintaining 1 blue leg hermit crab per gallon.
  • Diversity is critical!  There are so many types of crabs (we sell 7 - 10 varieties of hermit crabs - some of which are seasonal)


  • Snails are great aquarium-cleaning inverts. They eat algae and the nitrates that cause algae. Particularly Nassarius Vibex are the Queen Gems - they eat the YUCK that causes nitrates which feed the algae. So if you want less algae you MUST reduce the nitrates first.
  • It is recommended to have 1-2 snails per gallon.
  • Once again - diversity is the name of the game - this is a classic game of divide and conquer.


  • Starfish are the all around natural janitors, one of the best aquarium-cleaning invertebrates! They're such great cleaners because they spend most of the day hours hiding among the live rock, keeping the hard to reach areas clean and void of debris.
  • One Brittle or Serpent Starfish is recommended per 20 gallons.
  • One Sand Sifting Starfish per 50 gallons -

NOTE: Tanks under 50 gallons should not employ Sand Sifting Starfish - they require more nutrients than the tank can provide to maintain these animals at an optimal level.

Why choose for Aquarium-Cleaning Invertebrates?

We are the industry leaders, that's why! We offer the highest quality, beautiful, thriving natural clean up crews (animals that clean your tank) for the lowest price. Not to mention our excellent customer service! Need we say more? We are here to wow you and to help you every step of the way.