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A personal favorite, zoanthids add a ton of color and cover the rock work in a very short period of time.  By adding zoanthids you are providing a stable environment for other more complicated corals to grow due o the fact the zoanthids are mini filter feeders.  Zoanthids thrive in a multitude of tank conditions and adapt to light conditions easily.  

Zoanthids come in a variety of color patterns and can morph based upon the tank mates they have around them.  When adding multiple frags or colonies of zoanthids, try to provide a few inches of space between verities to allow for growth and avoid crowding.  Over time crowding may occur however this can be rectified by simply removing the piece of rockwork the zoanthids are growing on and fragging out a portion of the zoanthids.  You can relocate that section of coral growth to another part of your tank, or give it to a friend.  This type of aquaculture ensures we will always have a strong selection of coral to choose from independent of the oceans selection.  This type of sustainability is important for the long term aquarium hobby success.

Whether you are looking for a mixed reef or a soft coral dominated tank, zoanthids will make an excellent addition to your tank.

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