100 Strong Saltwater Clean Up Crew - Ships FREE

100 Strong Saltwater Clean Up Crew - Ships FREE

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Having a clean aquarium is essential for the health of the animals. Corals will thrive in an environment which has a more constant pH; fluctuating only between lights on / off. Utilizing a natural cleaning crew, is beneficial because it reduces your work load, but more importantly, as food and waste particles are eaten and eliminated by animals getting smaller and smaller as you make your way down the food chain, the microscopic beneficial bacteria benefit. Smaller mouths, beget even smaller mouths.

This clean up crew consists of the following 100 items:


1 Lettuce Nudibranch ~1"

5 Nerite Snails ~.5"-1"

30 Nassarius Snails ~.5"

20 Cerith Snails ~.5"

10 XLG Cerith Snails ~1"-1.5"

5 Turbo Snails ~.5"-1"

15 Blue Leg Hermits ~.5"-1"

10 White Leg Hermits ~.5"-1"

5 Red Leg Mexican Hermits ~.75"

2 Emerald Crabs ~1"